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You’ve Got Stories to Share

Social media marketing and communications is a phenomenal opportunity to influence customers, increase traffic to your website, and boost your brand awareness. If you’re working there’s a good chance you have a LinkedIn profile but do you use it beyond a personal networking tool?

LinkedIn is a powerful social network and resource with a reader reach that hasn’t fully reached its potential. Thousands of people can be reached every second of the day. Did you know a single post on your company page shared by at least one employee can be seen by 4 times more people than your webpage or Twitter or Facebook?  And all those “likes” and “shares” of posts you click have the potential to reach a million eyeballs (your connections, their connections, and so on).

LastingImpressionsMastLinkedIn is recognized as the professional network with over 350 million users and offers more options to growing your business than other social networks. Beyond an excellent recruiting tool, you can establish public or private groups that are specific to your service offering, your industry, even your volunteering efforts. You can even target a specific audience with your posts.

You may think you have nothing to share, but trust me, you do.  Stop for a few minutes, right now, and think about; What did you accomplish for a customer? What problem did you solve that had you stumped for while? Are you presenting at a conference next month?  If you would tell your mom the story, you can tell your customers too.

The recipe is very simple. Just share:

  • What you learned; yes you can teach an old dog new tricks and you could change the life of someone just entering the field.
  • What you know; demonstrate yourself as a thought leader in your field.
  • What you accomplished; share your successes. Celebrate with your customers.
  • What you read; sharing posts others have written supports their efforts (we all love validation) and be sure to add your comment to why this post is meaningful to you.

LinkedIn is a powerful and professional network and one of the best channels for sharing your story. We’ve seen it happen with other colleagues, and we’ve demonstrated this over and over again with client programs this past year.  If you need help setting up a LinkedIn company page or generating a few posts, give us a call.

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