Its A Wonderful Life

Who Are You Online, Really?

In a few short days, the first seasonal airing of It’s A Wonderful Life will take place, marking the start of the Christmas holiday. It’s a family favorite. Poor George Bailey longs for a world without him in it because he can’t see his life the way others see it. Thankfully, he has a guardian angel to show him exactly who he really is, and comes to his senses just in time to hear the bells ring.

Lasting Impressions NewsletterThe movie is a favorite because we may secretly long to know what others think of us when we were not in the room. Our persona can be hard to measure in real life. Fortunately, it’s much easier to discover “who you are” online. That question just isn’t asked very often. We rarely contemplate the end goal before storming out the gate with an army of people to put digital fingerprints on any and all of the available platforms.

We’ve been working with clients lately to help them find out who they are online in order to develop a solid communication plan. Knowing who you are can help shape future online activities and marketing priorities. We call it a Virtual Readiness Audit. This comprehensive report can offer an objective look at how your company performs in a virtual eco-system and help you plan your next steps online. We start with a few general queries:

What Can Others Learn About You Online?

You have probably ventured out into the digital space already, often more than once. A website here, an email signature there, a digital profile on this site, a random 30-year-old picture a high school buddy found and posted online. The sum total of this digital liter shapes what others can learn about you if they spend just a little time looking. The first part of a Virtual Readiness Audit reconstructs what content is already online and mirrors it back to you. It can be pleasantly surprising or uncomfortably honest. But it is always better to figure out where you are now before moving on to where you want to be.

What Do Others Say About You?

One of the most powerful marketing tools available is the personal referral. It is one of the central reasons so much time and energy is consumed by social media marketing. For me, some of the most valuable lessons in a Virtual Readiness Audit can be the hardest to hear. Content that challenges clients to evaluate preconceived ideas of what they sell and how it’s perceived can focus future online activities like no other. Perhaps the image you present to the world doesn’t authentically reflect what others see. If that’s the case, the ugliest comments can help improve your offering and make it better.

What Do You Say to Each Other?

Despite our best efforts to craft a positioning statement that meets a projected image, the actions and words we use everyday can render the story shallow. This is especially true when a company’s position statement doesn’t look like what your employees or colleagues say to each other in the normal course of a business day. This section of a Virtual Readiness Audit can identify what your story should be, because it already is.

Audit Away

We use Virtual Readiness Audits to help clients figure out if they’re ready to tackle the social platforms, and then help them start authentic social interactions. An audit can also determine if your website is working the way you want it to, and find ways to fix it. We look at your virtual activities like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as physical marketing activities like brochures, presentations. Products and services are examined for clues, too. You might be surprised to learn you’re more valued than you thought. If you’d like to learn that you’re “the richest man in town”, give us a call at 214-217-4299 or send an email. We’re looking for our angel wings.

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