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When Losing a Client Means A Job Well Done

I’m glad I was sitting down, or I’m not sure I would have been able to mask the surprise. It’s possible that I didn’t hide it well at all. Because the truth is I was thrilled. My year-long client had just told me that she was moving on and really wouldn’t need my services anymore. We were done. Over. Kaput. Fin. And we were both positively giddy about it.

LastingImpressionsMastYou see, I was supposed to work myself out of the job. Our work together had resulted in the best case scenario for her — an enviable new opportunity in her chosen industry and niche.

When we started working together last year, her business had no shape, no voice, and no connection to her level of expertise. We changed that to put her in a position to be recognized for her expertise, and then be called on to share that with others. What I’ve learned about this experience is that our best work happens when we can help clients find the right voice and message for their company.

I used to think that good marketing could exist in a granular level. You know; a good logo, an effective website, or perfect tagline all by itself may have been able to compensate for areas where the voice isn’t as strong. I don’t believe that anymore. The best strategy for successful marketing is to consider the whole, not just individual projects or parts. In fact, Giba Group is doing a lot more of this kind of strategy work lately. And we love seeing our clients get excited about a cohesive strategy that makes all of the parts hum. It’s where we do our best work.

It just so happens we’ve got room for a new client. Will it be you?

Elke Giba

Elke is our chief facilitator — helping A/E/C clients uncover insights about customers and services to define a unique marketing position. She is equally at home in Dallas or Nashville, but oddly enough cannot two-step to save her life. When she isn't researching, interviewing or facilitating, she is practicing the delicious art of baking.

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