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Wanted: Special Projects Manager

We’re looking for a Special Projects Manager to wrangle email and social network campaigns for clients. Previous experience makes you in a stronger candidate than those who haven’t used the plethora of web-based software out there, but we’ll offer training where needed. Don’t worry — you won’t create email design unless you want to, but an understanding of HTML email standards will help troubleshoot layout issues. The perfect candidate will be comfortable importing the content while thinking about best practices and delivery schedules. Oh, and we’ll want reports on response rates and click-thrus. With charts.

This is a part time position (approximately 20 hours a month) and can be performed virtually if needed. Any project training will take place at the Giba Group offices in Richardson. This opportunity is a good fit for new marketing students while completing school, or experienced communications professionals who are in career transition or with children at home.

Yes, it’s a paid position. Starting March 2.

Send us the reasons you’re perfect for this opportunity. We’ll reach out to the candidates who fit the bill.


  • You’ll manage up to four client email campaigns
  • Maintain mailing lists and segmentation
  • Ensure proper list seeding (make sure we get the emails)
  • Set Up AutoDrip email Campaigns
  • Place the content, relevant links and appropriate graphics
  • Test and proofread
  • Confirm approvals
  • Schedule publish dates
  • Did we say proofread? Yes? Good. Cause you’ll proof your own work.
  • Create and deliver reports
  • Suggest and develop content for future updates
  • Post newsletter content on client websites
  • Promote content on client social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
  • No coffee-making or dog-walking required. However, the CFO encourages generous sharing of treats.


We’ve found the perfect person to help Giba Group grow. Thanks for the interest.

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