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Want to Feel Like A Super Hero? Hire an Expert.

Most days, we jump at the chance to make clients feel super when we solve their marketing challenges together. Like put-on-a-cape-and-leap-over-tall-buildings super! That job is even better because of the stellar independent creatives in our network. We each focus on our best skills to do our best work, and clients benefit from our collective efforts. (By the way, Giba Group continues to grow our virtual office of independent creative professionals!)

Clients call Giba Group when they are buried with work, overwhelmed by all the little (and not so little) tasks that have accumulated on their desk. Or they’re frozen right where they started because they can’t figure out which direction to go. This isn’t fun, and you certainly don’t feel like your winning anything. Three words can get you back on track, especially if you feel like you’re loosing the battle against the marketing monster.

Hire An Expert.

Lasting Impressions NewsletterBefore you talk yourself out of working with a marketing expert, think how many tasks you already delegate to somebody else to complete on your behalf: dry cleaning, dog grooming, landscaping, accounting . . . Sure, you could probably manage these task on your own, at the sake of your sanity and personal appearance. But at what cost? Have you considered what happens to your company when you hang on to marketing efforts that can be better managed by an expert? Here are a few guidelines to help you recognize when it’s time to call in reinforcements.

When You Don’t Know It.

One of the beautiful things about our economy is all the invisible, moving parts that keep it going. But they are invisible, and that makes it hard to navigate among the requirements, and rules, and procedures. From mailing lists, to postal regulations, to email spam laws, to printing specifications — it can all make your head spin! And then you don’t know what else you don’t know. Especially if you are really just trying to run a business and get really good at what you do. Should you start a pay-per-click campaign, or send out a mailer to your customers? If the answer to your marketing question is, “Honestly, I have no idea”, it’s time to call in an expert. Pick up the phone and ask someone (preferably us).

When You Don’t Like It.

The tasks you like the least are usually at the bottom of the list. The less you spend thinking about updating your web page, the more relaxed you are. But then weeks turn into months, and months into years. Your once stellar website is now dated, and sad. It can also be really uncomfortable sharing news about accomplishments, or promoting a recent honor. It doesn’t feel natural tooting our own horn to promote achievements. It feels like bragging. OK, then delegate that responsibility to an expert who can strike up the band for your benefit. Your customers need to know what you can do for them.

When You Don’t Have Time.

Technology has made many marketing tasks even easier for the least experienced to manage successfully. It just takes time — which you may not have. Meetings, proposal, sales calls, and customers all compete for the valuable time you spend at the office. Make your life simpler and your business more successful by bringing in a marketing expert and use your time wisely to make these things happen.

The Rest of the Story

What’s the best part about consulting an expert on your marketing challenges? No doubt about it, the best part is at the end of the project. We’ve worked hard, learned we work well together and that we like working with each other. You’ve found a likeable expert you want to work with again to tackle your next marketing problem. Perfect!

Call us at (214-217-4299) and let’s talk about your marketing challenges. We can help you feel super, too.

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