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A/E/C marketers embrace the complex and varied tactical activities required to manage new firm opportunities. But on-the-job training never ends as the industry and technology changes and transform, ushering in new trends and processes. Encourage and empower your membership or your organization with new insights and proven concepts that will help them elevate firm growth.

A Few Suggested Topics

Apples to Apples: Competitive Analysis for Better Business

Do you really know who your true competitors are? Can you articulate why clients pick your firm over theirs? A competitive audit can reveal these answers and help you better understand your firm’s unique position in the marketplace – which, in turn, can make it easier for new or existing clients to choose you over the competition. We’ll focus on specific tip and tools to perform a competitive analysis in order to understand the market where your firm can best thrive.

Respect Your Clients: The Case for Solid Positioning

As a marketer, it’s your responsibility to ensure clients understand your firm is not merely one of the experts that can address their problem, but your firm is the only one uniquely qualified to solve it. That is the definition of proper positioning. Careful attention to proper positioning means clients spend less time trying to figure out if you can help, and more time bringing your firm on board. Stop missing potential opportunities and start positioning your firm for success.

Defining Your Firm’s True Value Path

No doubt about it — your firm delivers a specified value to your clients. But what do clients actually gain after working with your firm? How can you put it into words and then share it with potential new clients? There are actually four categories of value development; functional, emotional, transformational and intentional. In this presentation, we’ll review each of these value categories, and discover how delivering a value within each category can move your firm to increased revenue.

Upcoming Engagements

Elke will be sharing a few in-person presentations — at least one podcast — this year. If you are in town and can catch the presentation, be sure to say hello.

July 18, 2019 – Dallas, Texas

Defining Your Firm’s Value Path to Society of Design Professionals Dallas Chapter.

January 15, 2020 – Fort Worth, TX

Defining Your Firm’s Value Path to SMPS Fort Worth.

Past Engagements

PSM: The Podcast for A/E/C Marketers

Episode 140: Moving from Generalist to Expert through Positioning with David Lecours. Listen >

April 16, 2019 – Nashville, TN

Apples to Apples: How Competitive Analysis Leads to Better Business to SMPS Nashville.

Speaker Bio

Equal parts researcher, marketer and business advisor, Elke Giba helps courageous A/E/C firms plan to win more often through a foundational marketing strategy. She works with firms to shed the “full-service” moniker and transform into specialists, spotlighting the focused expertise that generates more business opportunities that grow the bottom line. An author and presenter, she speaks to business audiences on how to market their business more effectively and publishes marketing insights in industry publications and online. Equally at home in Dallas and Nashville, she still cannot two-step to save her life.