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Proper Positioning Can Solve Lots of Problems

Post Series: Positioning

Why did you get into business? Without knowing you what you do, I’d guess that you like to solve problems. Very specific problems for very specific customers. You solve these problems not only because you like to, but you do it to earn an income. This is where many service-based businesses fall short of performance expectations. Because the fewer client problems you solve, the less profitable you are, and the more dissatisfied you become. Want to solve more problems, and earn more income? You need to be properly positioned in the marketplace.

The discovery process to appropriately position your company and services can be one the most effective pursuits to improve the health of your business. More so than any other marketing activity you pursue. It defines everything that needs to be done to bring in more customers.

Maybe this sounds familiar. Clients confess that they have wasted a lot of time on marketing initiatives that just haven’t delivered the expected results. They built a website, but no one visits. The inbound leads haven’t materialized. Their tweets aren’t landing new prospects. Facebook friends haven’t fostered new business. When marketing results are lackluster, the core issue is almost always that these businesses don’t know who they are in the first place. They are not properly positioned in the marketplace. Without proper positioning, all of the activities to support sales falls short.

How do you know if you aren’t positioned properly? Here’s one tell-tale sign: you haven’t updated your website in two years. There are lots of excuses about why it’s not done. And please leave those poor cobbler’s children out of the conversation. The biggest reason you have failed to keep the site current — reflecting who you are and the value you bring — is because you don’t know how to define who you are. You have no focus to your services. You can’t articulate what value you are selling to customers. Worst yet, you fail to recognize potential best customers, settling for whoever walks in the door. In my consulting practice, a stale site is a key indicator that a company doesn’t know the true value they sell to customers.

Spend any time with me, and you’ll hear this mantra; Know who you are, who you need to talk to and where to find them. Get smarter about your marketing now. When you know those answers, you can position your services exactly where your best customers can find them. Then you get to solve more problems for clients. That brings in more income, which is one of the reasons you’re in business in the first place.

Elke Giba

Elke is our chief facilitator — helping A/E/C clients uncover insights about customers and services to define a unique marketing position. She is equally at home in Dallas or Nashville, but oddly enough cannot two-step to save her life. When she isn't researching, interviewing or facilitating, she is practicing the delicious art of baking.

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