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Should you tackle social media?

Social media is seductive and deceptively simple.
But is the risk worth the reward?

Do you have sufficient support to thrive on social? What kind of content should you share and how often? What messages will help you connect and engage with potential clients and partners? What is the true cost of this “free” platform?

We investigate your questions, find the answers and recommend strategic activities that can make a transformational difference in your business. A social audit — an impartial and objective review of your firm’s social resources, content potential and engagement opportunities. Set expectations before you post and recalibrate what’s really possible.

An Audit Uncovers

What People Say About You

  • Customer testimonials
  • Online Reviews

What You Say About Your Firm

  • Virtual Environment
  • Physical Environment

What You Say to Others

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Customer Service
  • Corporate Culture

Sharing Platforms
Which platform is a fit for your firm and your customers?

Each social platform fits a different audience and communication style. The success of your social campaign is dependent on selecting the right channel, broadcasting content that engages your audience, and remain authentic to your brand.

After an audit, you’ll know which channel is worthy of your time and energy. Even better, you’ll know what to expect and benefit from social.


A Social Audit can be performed remotely (technology can be amazing), but the best results happen when we interact with your firm in person.

Schedule two consecutive business days for our team to interact with your leadership team, and principal decision makers, asking questions and making observations. We may visit with the rest of your team to determine resources and capabilities that would support a social media campaign. We won’t need everyone to participate for the duration, but stakeholders should be available and willing to answer questions during the review.

At the conclusion of the audit, we’ll present our recommendations to the leadership team in a collaborative meeting, encouraging you to take notes. Based on a “go/no go” decision, you’ll leave this meeting with an action plan.

Programs start at $5,800 (plus travel expenses as incurred). Payment is collected in full prior to the engagement.