How healthy is your company brand?

A Diagnostic Review reveals your most urgent needs
before you start making changes.

What’s the best use of your marketing budget? What brand elements have the most urgent need?

We investigate your questions, find answers and recommend activities that can make a difference in your business. A Diagnostic Review starts you on the path to fix what’s broken, and saves you money in choosing the most effective initiatives.

Diagnose It to Fix It

Brand is the promise you make to clients on the experience when working with your firm. If the experience doesn’t match the promise, your brand is broken. A marketing plan alone won’t make it right. So where do you start?

We look at five brand elements — corporate culture, marketing, advertising, sales, and identity — and recommend the elements that need attention for more effective initiatives. The review uncovers insights about your brand that will both delight and challenge your perceptions, and reveal the solutions that can improve your brand to bring in more business.

Results are delivered in person to the leadership team, principle decision makers and stakeholders. We keep it simple and highly actionable, highlighting two or three of the most urgent needs. You will know what needs to be fixed, how to get it done, and the budget needed.

Questions Answered

The Diagnostic Review is designed to answer questions like:

We’d like to redesign our website, but we could really use a marketing plan. Where should we start?
How can we find new clients?
How well do we serve our current clients?
How well does our website perform? Are we attracting the right visitors? Do we give them the information they need?
How do we deliver on our brand promise?
How much of our annual budget should be allocated to marketing?
Why didn’t our last initiative work the way we anticipated?


We recommend all new clients complete a Diagnostic Review before beginning other discovery, strategy, or responsive solutions.

A Diagnostic Review can be performed remotely (technology can be amazing), but the best results happen when we interact with your firm in person.

Schedule two consecutive business days for our team to interact with your leadership team, and principal decision makers, asking questions and making observations. We won’t need everyone to participate for the duration, but stakeholders should be available and willing to answer questions during the review.

$4,400 (plus travel expenses as incurred). Payment is collected in full prior to the engagement.