What do they say when you’re not in the room?

Uncover a clearer picture of your firm with insights from clients.

It’s time you knew the truth. Your clients have an opinion about what it is like to work with your firm. Hear what they say when you’re not in the room. Online surveys, questionnaires and one-on-one interviews reveal an authentic client experience and uncover opportunities to strengthen your firm’s offering.

Are You Listening?

Your firm has made a promise to your clients. How well do you deliver on that promise? It’s time you heard the truth. Uncover the opportunities to improve client experience and move your firm from generalist to qualified, in-demand expert.

We survey your clients with simple, effective email surveys, recorded and transcribed phone interviews and online meetings, or in-person, on-camera conversations. These frank conversations give you insight into what clients value and what needs to change for the better.  The program is flexible enough to collect actionable responses in the format and style that adds value to your firm’s business plan.

Results are collected and delivered in person to the leadership team, principle decision makers and stakeholders. When needed, we include suggested corrective actions you can take to control and exceed client expectations in future interactions.

Questions Answered

We help you develop the list of clients for interviews, and look for your input on a customized survey or carefully crafted questions to uncover relevant responses. We find answers to questions like:

What obstacles do you encounter when working with this firm?
How would you describe your experience in working with this firm to colleagues?
Which service offering is most valuable to you?
How did you find out about this firm?
What do you think this firm values most about you?
Did the last project meet your expectations?


We recommend all new clients complete a Diagnostic Review before beginning other discovery, strategy, or responsive solutions.

Client interviews can be performed remotely via online surveys or phone conversations (technology is amazing), but the best results happen when we interact with your clients in person to observe and document non-verbal cues.


  • Online Surveys
  • Anonymous Data Collection
  • Quick-Response Phone Surveys
  • In-Depth Phone or Online Interviews

Programs start at $16,000 plus expenses for in-person client interviews. With participant permission and if appropriate, interviews can be recorded and transcribed for later use in marketing and communication programs. Payment is collected in full prior to the engagement.