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A Face(book) That Launched A Thousand Clicks

A Face(book) that Launched A Thousand Clicks

Have you heard Facebook is rolling out Timeline for business and fan Pages? These changes are pretty significant and the geek in me gets really excited about the marketing opportunities. The new features will give companies and brands a way to connect daily with their consumers, potential buyers and admirers. Even if you have never personally used Facebook, you may want to consider using this channel to connect with your “fans” on a regular basis. I have listed a few of the new features here to get you started. If want to read even more tips, check out the Giba Group Page.

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Bowled Over With Super Stats

Bowled Over with Super Stats

Have you recovered from eating your share of the 1.25 billion chicken wings consumed at Super Bowl parties? To continue the over-indulgence, there is a wealth of data to crunch from this commercial exercise. The statistical reporting of the big game is kind of like drinking from a fire hose, but there is a lot to learn about how brands reach and interact with consumers.

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