Brand Confusion Is Killing Your Business

It’s risky to ignore the ways your brand influences your business. The consequences can be long lasting and detrimental. And you don’t even realize it’s happening.

Time for the truth

Brand is not a logo. In fact, it is more than identity. Brand is the promise of an experience. You can’t fabricate a brand. It is defined by your customers and clients before, during and after they interact with your firm. The bad news is that what you promise may not even come close matching the true experience. When that happens your brand is broken, confused and undefined. Your company has no direction. A big blob of nothingness and everything all rolled in together. Yuck.

Brand confusion has costly consequences. Here are just a few ways a lack of brand focus costs your business. Be ready to act if any of them sound familiar.

You have no value

Can you articulate how is your firm different from your competitors? Where do you perform best? You leave money on the table when you fail to call attention to your competitive advantage. Your firm looks like every other firm in the marketplace. The only differentiator clients can use to compare firms is price. You know how this story ends — the lowest price wins. If you win all your projects because you had the lowest price, you have no real value to offer and no room to grow additional revenue. Furthermore, a price-driven business model leaves your firm subject to market swings and periods of instability.

You ignore your true customers

Admit it — you can’t identify your best customers. You’ll work with just about anyone who walks in the door if they have the budget to spend. But many of those walk-in clients are a terrible fit for your team’s talent and experience. Consequently, your team can’t perform at their best, and ill-fitting clients are not served well at all. Your team’s expertise isn’t valued, you struggle to meet the need and you lose money on the project. Sure, you get the job done, but you’re relegated to the role of order-taker, unable to lead your clients to new insights. Meanwhile, you’re too busy to pursue the perfect client and dream project. The trifecta of crummy business prospects.

You waste money on marketing

There is no way your marketing produces successful results when your brand is confused. You don’t have any value, and you aren’t any different than any other firm. Throwing money on a website, attending a trade show, or the perfect Tweet does not get you any more business than standing on the street corner with a sandwich board. It’s just noise in an already noisy marketplace. And you have paid hard-earned money for the lack of results.

Brand confusion is costly to your business; it alienates your clients, steals your focus and limits your success. Avoid brand confusion and fix it when you find it.

What to fix and how to fix it

Our Diagnostic Review gives you a plan to fix what’s broken, and saves you money choosing the initiatives that can make a difference. We investigate questions that keep you up at night, find answers and recommend solutions to focus your brand.

Is your brand confused? It’s time to get it into shape, and make more profit.

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