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Try Not To Suffer From An Identity Crisis

Try Not to Suffer from an Identity Crisis

When clients define “identity”, their first response is often “it is what the company looks like; the logo and the colors we use.” Some include the professional service they sell and the manner in which they sell it. Yes, Identity is all of this . . . and more. Much more.

Identity is everything about your business and the company you manage: from your message, to your market, to your logo, to your employees, to your proposals, to your website, to your social connections . . . See what’s happening here? Identity is the all-encompassing sphere that is you and your business. Even your internal policies and procedures take part in reinforcing your identity. If your identity is muddy, it’s likely that more than just your logo is outdated.

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Describe What You Do In 5 Or 6 Words

Describe What You Do In 5 or 6 Words

We craft stories for clients — all  with a single focus being the right and best choice. They all have one thing in common: the message that shapes the identity of a company.

One of the best examples of a well defined message is MD Anderson Cancer Center. They “make cancer history”. It’s very clear from just a few words what they do. There is no guessing. Every message they send is about eliminating this horrible disease. Their websites, advertisements, signage, literature, and their logo with that strong line that strikes out the C word. They established their message first and from there they developed the rest of their marketing and business essentials.

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Wanted: Special Projects Manager

Wanted: Special Projects Manager

We’re looking for a Special Projects Manager to wrangle email and social network campaigns for clients. Previous experience makes you in a stronger candidate than those who haven’t used the plethora of web-based software out there, but we’ll offer training where needed. Don’t worry — you won’t create email design unless you want to, but an understanding of HTML email standards will help troubleshoot layout issues. The perfect candidate will be comfortable importing the content while thinking about best practices and delivery schedules.

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What Do We Need To Accomplish This Year?

What Do We Need to Accomplish this Year?

It’s the month of lists. Notes on the desk, stickies on the computer screen, and reminders set on the phone. Today is the day to get them sorted out.

We all make lists and we usually end up setting most of them aside because we get inundated with the day-to-day tasks of running our business, so they seem as though they just aren’t a priority anymore. But they are.

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Warming Up For A Trumpet Solo

Warming Up for A Trumpet Solo

I don’t have a lot of musical talent. In fact, I can’t play any instrument at all, short of Chopsticks on the piano. Standing on a stage and performing a piece of music is the last place you’ll find me, and it may be a long shot for you, too. The spotlight is a stressful place even when we’re just talking about what we do. But you need to get comfortable talking about the work you do and what you’ve accomplished. You need to “toot your own horn” regularly.

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When Losing A Client Means A Job Well Done

When Losing a Client Means A Job Well Done

I’m glad I was sitting down, or I’m not sure I would have been able to mask the surprise. It’s possible that I didn’t hide it well at all. Because the truth is I was thrilled. My year-long client had just told me that she was moving on and really wouldn’t need my services anymore. We were done. Over. Kaput. Fin. And we were both positively giddy about it.

LastingImpressionsMastYou see, I was supposed to work myself out of the job. Our work together had resulted in the best case scenario for her — an enviable new opportunity in her chosen industry and niche.

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