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Is Your Mission Statement Missing A Mission?

Is Your Mission Statement Missing a Mission?

A mission statement should clearly communicate the reason your team works together. If it doesn’t, it’s just a statement without a mission and you should stop using it.

Most mission statements, unfortunately, are a waste of time and energy. The overwhelming majority are devoid of personality or corporate strengths, and completely ignore the unique reasons a company is in business. It’s just a flat document; a collection of platitudes that only begin to hint at the personality of the team who crafted it. Furthermore, clients and customers are seldom acknowledged, which is a sad commentary about where they are valued as source of revenue.

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Ask Clients To Tell You The Hard Truth

Ask Clients To Tell You The Hard Truth

It isn’t always easy to advise clients on smarter strategies to market a business. Sometimes tough love is necessary to stop bad habits, change poor planning, and start thinking about the business in terms of client value. Iron sharpens iron, to be sure. And it can get messy before it gets better.

Don’t let that discourage you. Hearing the hard truth can be indispensable in making better decisions on how you position services to clients. You may already know the truth, but it carries significantly more weight when others say out loud the truths you’ve been avoiding. As the saying goes, it’s difficult to read your own label from inside the bottle. The challenge is not only being open to hear what others have to say, but getting your clients to candidly reveal the transformational comments that can improve your business.

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How Competitive Analysis Leads To Better Business

How Competitive Analysis Leads to Better Business

What makes your firm special? If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to find out. Understanding your competition and how they sell their services will help you discover your firm’s unique positioning possibilities.

You could be losing to other less qualified, less experienced firms if you neglect proper positioning. It’s fairly common for firms to list the work they do, the number of years in business, or even their financial achievements; but none of those facts tell a client what value you bring to their project.

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Want To Feel Like A Super Hero? Hire An Expert.

Want to Feel Like A Super Hero? Hire an Expert.

Most days, we jump at the chance to make clients feel super when we solve their marketing challenges together. Like put-on-a-cape-and-leap-over-tall-buildings super! That job is even better because of the stellar independent creatives in our network. We each focus on our best skills to do our best work, and clients benefit from our collective efforts. (By the way, Giba Group continues to grow our virtual office of independent creative professionals!)

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Referrals: The Perfect Way To Share The Love

Referrals: The Perfect Way to Share the Love

Have you ever received a written “thank you” note? It could have been from an employer telling you how great you did on a special project, or from your favorite client about the team that worked on a new building, ad campaign, or even a thank you for the referral you gave to them.

LastingImpressionsMastReferrals and testimonials are often forgotten ways to generate a substantial amount of potential business. It’s time to rediscover the possibilities.

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