Ask Clients To Tell You The Hard Truth

It isn’t always easy to advise clients on smarter strategies to market a business. Sometimes tough love is necessary to stop bad habits, change poor planning, and start thinking about the business in terms of client value. Iron sharpens iron, to be sure. And it can get messy before it gets better.

Don’t let that discourage you. Hearing the hard truth can be indispensable in making better decisions on how you position services to clients. You may already know the truth, but it carries significantly more weight when others say out loud the truths you’ve been avoiding. As the saying goes, it’s difficult to read your own label from inside the bottle. The challenge is not only being open to hear what others have to say, but getting your clients to candidly reveal the transformational comments that can improve your business.

These conversations can be more fruitful when facilitated by an unbiased third party. Your clients are more willing to share frank reactions and insights into how well you meet their needs with someone other than you. Generic, flowery and inconsequential comments are easy to come by. It’s the deeper commentary you need to hear. Your clients are more likely to tell others the bad news and avoid conflict with you.

Your clients are ready to help your business improve. They are invested in your success because they found value in your services in the first place. They already bought something from you. They have first-hand, expert insight into how your business can be better. If there are areas where the service falls short, your clients want and need the next experience to be better if only to justify continuing the business relationship.

Want to hear where you need to improve? Ask for the truth. And then get to work responding to what you hear.


Let Us Interview Your Clients

Uncover a clearer picture of your business with insights from your clients.

It’s time you knew the truth. Your clients already have an opinion about what it is like to work with your firm. Hear what they say when you’re not in the room.

We survey your clients using the format that helps us gather what you want to know — phone calls, effective email surveys, online meetings, or in-person on-camera interviews. These frank conversations give you insight into what clients value and what needs to change for the better. The program is flexible enough to collect actionable responses in a format and style that adds value to your business plan. Learn more.