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Are You Making Your Job Harder Than It Needs To Be?

It has been humbling to teach Adobe InDesign the last few weeks to a room full of eager creatives at SMU CAPE. These students are bright, often teaching the rusty teacher, and they will do some pretty exciting stuff with the program in the future.

LastingImpressionsMastThe variety of functions with InDesign made it tricky to teach. There’s always more than one way to do something. That flexibility can make simple projects much more complex because we choose the looooong way to get the job done the first time. One evening before the lesson started, a young woman showed me a catalog she created way before she took our class. The finished piece turned out really well, but now that she knew some how-tos of the program, she knew she made her job much more complicated than necessary. She was relieved to find an easier way and she was ready to tackle a new one catalog armed with techniques to make her job easier, faster and far more satisfying.

How many times I have that same conversation with clients? Do you make your job harder than it needs to be? How many marketing tasks do you tackle without really knowing the best way to get the job done? Sure, you can keep doing it the same way you have always done it. But there may be a better way to get it done and still keep all of your hair in the process.

For instance, Giba Group is working on a client project right now for Parkland Community Health Plan that will significantly reduce the amount of work and time the staff spends updating the web site. In fact, making updates easy to manage has been a priority for the project. Early in our planning meetings, they told us, “make it easier for us to update the site.” You got it. The current method to update the site involved at least four steps:

  1. write the news items
  2. save the document to PDF
  3. publish the PDF to the web serve, and
  4. update the hyperlink to the new PDF

Whew! I’m exhausted already. No wonder “make it easier” was first goal on the wish list. The new updated Parkland Community Health Plan website will allow them to make the same web changes in just two (2) steps. With one application. Ta dah! Actually, it’s more like Kaching! As in time and money saved.

I’m constantly on the hunt for better ways to do my job for clients. If you’ve got a task that’s only making you older when you do it, give me call (214-217-4299) or shoot me an email and let’s see if we can make that job easier.

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