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A Milestone: Published Artist?

The Dallas AIA Women in Architecture announced the contestants for the 2012 Express Yourself competition. The competition winners are formally announced Saturday, October 20 at the conclusion of the Texas Society of Architecture convention in Austin. The Express Yourself competition book will also be unveiled at that event. My digital art piece, “Sunny Day”, has been selected for publication.

There are so many talented women in this group. I’m certain I’m not one of them. It is just an honor to be nominated.

A Few More Details

I wanted to see what could be created with a digital canvas. I used Paper, an iPad app to sketch and “paint” this picture. The app is really easy to use, and encourages activity with its simplicity. Paper gives you just a few colors, and some brushes, a pen, pencil and eraser. But that isn’t any reason to think you are limited. If you haven’t tried Paper, give it a look and see what you create.

Elke Giba

Elke is our chief facilitator — helping A/E/C clients uncover insights about customers and services to define a unique marketing position. She is equally at home in Dallas or Nashville, but oddly enough cannot two-step to save her life. When she isn't researching, interviewing or facilitating, she is practicing the delicious art of baking.

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