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A Face(book) that Launched A Thousand Clicks

Have you heard Facebook is rolling out Timeline for business and fan Pages? These changes are pretty significant and the geek in me gets really excited about the marketing opportunities. The new features will give companies and brands a way to connect daily with their consumers, potential buyers and admirers. Even if you have never personally used Facebook, you may want to consider using this channel to connect with your “fans” on a regular basis. I have listed a few of the new features here to get you started. If want to read even more tips, check out the Giba Group Page.

First, the Facts

Facebook will automatically convert your fan or business page to Timeline on March 30. Get familiar with the new features now and publish your Page Timeline before Facebook does it for you. A link to preview your Page Timeline appears when you log into Facebook using your desktop computer (Timeline isn’t available yet on mobile devices). If you stay logged in to Facebook all of the time, you will need to log out and then log back in to see the preview link.

Custom Facebook Usernames

Great news! You no longer need 25 “Likes” before you claim a username for your company page. Yipee!! A username gives you a simple URL to use, like, instead of an unrecognizeable web address. So go ahead and claim (or change) your Page username now.

Cover Photo

BAM! The new cover photo is huge — 850px by 315px, in case you were wondering. It is the first thing your fans will see, so pick a great photo that tells fans more about your company. You can include product pictures, or slogans, even campaigns. However, your cover photo MUST NOT contain:

  • Prices, coupons, or instructions on how to purchase your products. Avoid phrases like as “40% off” and “download here”, or endure the wrath of Zuckerburg and company
  • Web addresses, email addresses, mailing addresses, hours of operation and phone numbers are not to be included either. That information will appear directly below the Cover Photo in the “About” box
  • Instructions or call to actions for your fans to “Like” or “Share”, or any other Facebook and social media functions

If you want to create your own cover photo, the possibilities are endless. Check out these personal Timeline Cover Photos for inspiration. And I’ve got a handy Photoshop Template to download and create your own Timeline masterpiece.

Highlight A Status Update

Page admins can star and/or pin a post. A pinned post stays anchored to the top of the Page for the next 7 days. When fans come to your Page after being away, the pinned post will be the first one they see. This little feature will help increase the reach of your message, before the post is pushed down the page. A starred post stretches across the entire width of the page, but it stays in the dated flow of the Timeline. You can both star and pin a post for even more emphasis.

Just The Start

There are even more changes to learn about, but I don’t want to make your head explode. I posted eight more Timeline How-To Tips on the Giba Group Facebook Page. Take a look. If you like what you see, show me (and “Like” it). And if you get stuck with your Page, I’m here to help you navigate the changes and make them work for you. Give me a call at 214-217-4299.

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